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Putnam County Jail

S.E.R.T Team


Team Commander Lt. Josh Boller
Team Leader First Sergeant TJ Smith

Mission Statement and Philosophy: The purpose of the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team is to uphold and maintain the good order and security of the Putnam County Jail; to prevent attacks and injuries to staff, inmates and other persons; and to prevent escapes. In addition, SERT is committed to providing the highest degree of security for the citizens of Putnam County, through the continual safety of the inmates, staff and general public.

The philosophy of SERT is predicated on the following assumptions:

  • Incarceration is, in and of itself, punishment.
  • Members are continually held accountable for their actions.
  • The Team will be comprised of highly trained, dedicated, and motivated Merit and Jail Deputies, who are capable of responding to the facility in the event of an emergency, in a timely manner.
  • Through continual in-service training, the Team will be capable of handling any situation that poses a significant threat to the safety and security of the Putnam County Jail, its occupants, or the general public.
  • The Team will establish and maintain an image that fosters positive morale and confidence amongst the employees of the Putnam County Jail.
  • Individual members, and the Team as a whole, are committed to the preservation of the basic human rights and dignity of the inmate population, as prescribed by the United States Constitution, the Constitution of the State of Indiana, and other applicable laws.

Training: All members of SERT complete a Basic Academy. During the Academy, recruits receive specialized and extensive training:

  • Riot and Disturbance
  • Cell and Open Air Extractions and Insertions
  • Covert and Dynamic Entries
  • Unarmed Defense Tactics
  • Chemical Agent training and certification
  • Monodnack PR-24 or Tactical Baton training and certification
  • Less-lethal Munitions Deployment
  • High Risk Inmate Transport training
  • Physical Fitness
  • Military style drill technique