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Putnam County Jail
Jail Commander


Lt. Colonel Steve Fenwick


The Jail Division is under the direction of Jail Commander Lt. Colonel Steve Finwick. The role of the Division is to maintain custody of pre-trial prisoners and carry out the judgments of the courts. Four objectives were established so the goals of the Division could be obtained. These objectives include:

  1. Providing a level of supervision that is consistent with human dignity and ensures maximum protection to the community, staff, and inmates.
  2. Providing an environment that minimizes any detrimental effects of confinement.
  3. Improving management resources, technology, and skills necessary to meet the demands of development and future expansion.
  4. No escapes.

The Jail Division is broken down into several components:

Command Staff: 1 - Jail Commander

1 - Major Asst. Jail Commander

2 - Lieutenant's

1 - First Sergeant

2 - Sergeants

2 - Corporals

16 - Jail Deputies

Contract Services:

1 - Jail Physician

1 - Jail Dentist