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Putnam County Jail
Meet The Sheriff




Mark Frisbie

Welcome to the official Website of the Putnam County Indiana Sheriff's Office Jail Division. Briefly, Putnam County is located 35 miles East of Terre Haute and 50 miles West of Indianapolis along Interstate 70. I certainly hope you enjoy our Website and if you have a moment, my E-mail link is below. Feel free to contact me for anything.

The primary departmental goal of the PCSD is to provide and maintain a modern and professional Sheriffs Office; staffed by well trained and qualified personnel; utilizing state-of-the-art technology, procedures and equipment; in providing the services required and deserved by the citizens of Putnam County. 

Law enforcement is changing and today requires that deputies and detectives have access to information almost instantly. It is our goal to keep pace with technology and use it to better inform the citizen and  provide the Sheriff's office with the latest technology in working tools at the lowest cost. 

The Sheriffs Office is maximizing our use of technology. As our agency has grown, we have relied on the technology of the day. Now, we are updating older technology, provide new tools, and ensure that all systems work together for law enforcement.

Thank you for visiting our site; I hope you'll come back often.