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The area of rule of the Lord of Yearsley is indeed a magnificent one.  He holds power over this wonderful little village, situated amongst the lush, green rambling hills of North Yorkshire.  There are quaint little cottages set against this fabulous backdrop and one can well imagine how little has changed here over the centuries.


Today most of the people in Yearsley are concerned with farming, and on harvest day, the whole place comes to life as the villagers get out to fill the barns with the golden grain of the region.  Years back of course, all the crops were cut by hand, although now modern technology has allowed the process to be automated-but there is still a great feast after the event and much merrymaking goes on until late into the night.


The whole of the local area carries reflections on the past Lords of Yearsley.  Nearby in the village of Coxwold is Colville Hall, a grand Yorkshire stone building where once the great Colville family, Lords for many years, used to live.  Nearby as well is Newburgh Priory, which is another home of the past Lords.  This is a magnificent building with wings either side and green ivory climbing up its ancient walls.  After the dissolution of the monasteries in the 16th century, it was converted into this fine house. In fact, it is said that for many years, Oliver Cromwell’s body lay here in protection, for the Lord at that time was married to his daughter.


Other relics from the past still exist in abundance, such as the ancient abbey of Byland.  The spirits of the monks are said to still keep a watchful eye over the local people.  The whole area is a tranquil oasis, far from the worries of the world.  Yorkshire people are amongst the friendliest in England and indeed, they love to talk.  It is amazing just how happy they are to accept perfect strangers into their homes and to welcome them to a fine roast meal-it was around these parts that the Yorkshire pudding was first invented.  Commercial worries are not really what govern people’s lives, for all here decided long ago that life was too short to spend on anything other than good friendship, hospitality and companionship.  Perhaps that is why, even if it is not the richest area of England, it is certainly one of the most enjoyable to visit and certainly one of the most unspoilt.